We are a young entrepreneurs of manufacturing and selling the Thai original instant noodle under the ‘Jub Jub’ brand. The Company was established in 2016 with founding objective of producing instant Guay-Jub noodle by using Freeze-dry Technology. Jub Jub was gathered from original/local ingredients, packed and delivered to customer.


The Innovative Instant noodles made from locally grown rice,Baked not fried. Served in clear chicken soup with pork sausage, fried shallots and chilli paste. Due to Guay Jub is well-known and popular food in Ubonratchathani(North-east part of Thailand), JubJub is invented as the excellent food innovation by the researcher from famous institution. Jub Jub successfully complete many the contests and also won many food innovation competitions.


The streets of Ubonratchathani are just the place to find many popular Thai foods. One of these streets, “Guay Jub” is still a genuine Thai neighbourhood. Guay Jub is also a popular dish adapted from Vietnam and using Thai rice flour noodles. But unlike the Vietnamese version the Thai noodles have a rounded edge and are soft and a bit sticky. Different places in Guay Jub have several tastes and the unique flavour are due to the use of some special ingredients from Local area. Guay Jub always served with special pork sausage call “Moo Yor” that you can find only in Ubonratchathani. The black pepper used comes with the essential pork is tenderised by a long careful cooking process, slowly simmering until it easily falls off the bone. But the variation is mostly about the toppings, some people order with mushrooms and a delicious Soft-boiled eggs on top. The delicious broth is sprinkled with fried shallots, onion and parsley. The Soup thickens slightly during the cooking process. Each dish is cooked one by one along with your choice of different toppings, meaning you get an absolutely spot on flavour.
Guay Jub restaurants are always a busy place with a high turnover of eager costumers, which guarantees fresh ingredient. But perhaps you can’t find a Thai restaurant that serves this wonderful dish, and you have no time or patience to recreate the cooking process yourself at home.


Delight 88 Co., Ltd.
67 Moo 13, Sansuk, Warichamrab, Ubonratchathani, Thailand 31490